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The Churchill Club is a collection of like-minded professionals who contribute, learn and develop in the emerging tech space. We’re focused on collaborating and making the most of potentially industry-shifting technologies of the future.

We value and appreciate people from all industries and all walks of life - seeking to support each other by combining our respective skill sets in an open forum.

We’ve been facilitating monthly events and discussions with industry thought leaders since 2005.

Our values


We spark conversations to promote innovation and collaboration for economic growth and community benefit.


We facilitate networks of connection between like-minded individuals and businesses representing a diverse range of industries and expertise.


Our ethos of knowledge-sharing and disruptive thinking allows members to takeaway practical skills and concepts to apply in their business.

Our History

The Australian chapter of the Churchill Club was launched in 2005 by Brendan Lewis, Peter Lewis and Dr Terry Cutler with a panel discussion titled "Venture capital: What's hot, what's not?" at the Rydges Hotel in Carlton.

The impetus for starting the Churchill Club in Australia came from discussions between Peter, Australian consul-general in San Francisco during the dotcom years, and the Churchill Club board in Silicon Valley, of which he was also a member.

They identified a need for the club because the local technology industry didn’t talk to each other enough. "Biotech industries were on the rise but they weren’t talking to other more established industries, such as ICT, about lessons learned. The Churchill Club is great for networking and for different industries in technology to talk about the problems and issues they share." 

In October 2015, Bec Kempster took over as CEO of the organisation. Under her direction the Club has undergone a number of strategic developments including focusing on emerging technologies, incorporating as an association and appointing a board.

Churchill Club in Silicon Valley

Churchill Club in Silicon Valley

Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse.
— Sir Winston Churchill