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Top Ten Takeouts: Cyber Security - A people problem

Cyber security as we currently know it is built on trust. Trust that businesses have secure sites when collecting customer data. Trust that employees will create strong passwords and update them regularly. Trust that digital suppliers have strong coding practices in place. The weakest link in cyber security is us.

We explored:

  • The flaws in current cyber security measures 
  • Trends in attacks – including ransomware, phishing and insider threats
  • Global learnings and developments in cyber security
  • Building a ‘human firewall’ by instilling a culture of security within your organisation – from your team right through to your suppliers

Event Partner: Entersoft – Application Security. Simplified.

The Panellists

Paul Kang - Entersoft
Kathy Coultas - Director of ICT /Tech Sector Development, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, State Government of Victoria
Matthew Green – Grant Thornton
Damien Rothstein

The Takeouts

  1. Trends include Cryptolocker, a form of ransomware where a user’s documents are hijacked and a ransom is demanded of them and mimicking executives via email to request phoney monetary transactions within an organisation
  2. Regularly monitor sites like Stay Smart Online to keep up with latest threats
  3. Continually talk about cyber threats and your expectations around online behaviour with employees. Test them regularly to check their ‘data safe’
  4. Protect yourself on social media - don’t publish anything you don’t want people to know and use two step verification on your social accounts
  5. Never put USB sticks you’ve ‘found lying around’ into your computer
  6. Question the cyber security processes of your supply chain – you’re more likely to fall victim to an attack via a third party inaction or failure
  7. Victoria is dedicated to developing a core capability around cyber security with the Data61 Centre, The Oceania Cyber Security Centre and Oxford University Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre in the Docklands
  8. Legislation is failing to keep up with technology – including in areas of compulsory reporting of attacks and the role of ethical hackers 
  9. Cyber security of the future includes replacing character passwords with biometric measures that are unique to individuals such as iris scans or voice recognition. 
  10. You are never going to be 100% secure