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Moderator - Nina Muhleisen

“Nina, you want to change the world and do it with spark” - Nina’s Mum.

Nina is enthusiastic about change and making our future a great place to live, work and play. To get there Nina believes we need to improve the way we do things.  Solving problems is critical to this mission and finding the right method to get it done. With the tools and technology already available and continuously emerging we need to build capability and mindset in our organisations to adapt through sustainable cultural change which is what Nina has spent her career helping organisations to achieve.

With a background across a variety of industries, corporate and startups Nina is passionate about leading, developing and inspiring diverse teams to experiment and deliver valued solutions to drive optimised processes, products and digital outcomes.

Starting her career as a Mechanical engineer for AUDI AG in Germany and Toyota Australia,  she has always been focused on designing simple solutions that are valued by customers. With specialised skills in innovation design, including design sprints being trained by the leading experts in Berlin and a strong background in design thinking, product and process design, Nina has worked to embed emerging technologies such as AI into businesses both large and small, making her an industry expert in simplifying the way we work.