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Top Tech Trends Debate 2021 - Winning Trend

31 Aug 2021 10:53 | Peter Nolle (Administrator)

Proteomics will transform our understanding of disease and drive personalised healthcare, according to Top Tech Trends Debate 2021 winner, Dr Andrew Webb.

Dr Andrew Webb presenting online with Churchill Club 2021.

Image: Dr Andrew Webb presenting online with Churchill Club 2021.

Returning for its fourth year, over 100 participants attended the Top Tech Trends Debate 2021 held online on Thursday 26 August, 2021 to hear about the emerging trends of the future. The Churchill Club’s headline event showcased six powerhouse visions for the future of tech, with Dr Andrew Webb’s trend of Proteomics taking the crown for this year's debate.

Proteomics is the analysis of the entire protein complement of a cell, tissue, or organism under a specific and defined set of conditions.

Dr Webb believes that the science of proteomics will transform our understanding of disease and drive personalised healthcare.

Dr Webb and his team of researchers believes that proteomics will change the way in which various diseases are diagnosed and treated. With $1.4 billion already invested in proteomics in the US, excluding academic initiatives, Dr Webb believes we will start to see a bigger impact in the public domain from the significant research underway.

This years Top Tech Trends Debate lineup of dynamic panellists provided the audience with an intriguing insight into what our lives could look like in 3-5 years time. Along with Dr Webb, panellists discussed a broad spectrum of trends, sharing their visions in transformative higher education, going off-grid and becoming completely energy independent, the future of voice recognition, the transformation of SME tech, and augmented intelligence.

Unlike any event that exists in Australia, the Top Tech Trends Debate showcases the vision of six industry-leading visionaries as they pitch their ideas for the next big thing in emerging technology. Proudly sponsored by the Victorian Government, the debate featured as a headline event for the State Government of Victoria’s Digital Innovation Festival.

The uniqueness of the event lies in the audience deciding the winner via live polling.

Each speaker’s trend needs to be :

-       Not obvious today, but may well be in the future;

-       Set to make an explosive impact in the next 3-5 years.

Churchill Club Australia Chairman Peter Nolle says: “The Top Tech Trends Debate is a hugely popular and unique event that the Churchill Club has the pleasure of bringing to Australia. It presents us with a great opportunity to bring some of the most perceptive and visionary tech minds to our Australian audiences, and offer them a window into how the emerging trends of today will shape our future”.

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