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We facilitate events and discussions with the industry thought leaders – and we invite you to join us the conversation.

Past speakers include founders and executives of major companies such as Sausage Software founder Steve Outrim, Hitwise Founder Adrian Giles, Founder of Atlassian Mike Cannon-Brooks, Chief Inventor of REA Group Nigel Dalton, GM of Big Data Analytics at Telstra Mark Moloney, Executive Director of Research for Melbourne Health Professor Ingrid Winship, Chief Executive of The Clean Energy Council Kane Thornton, CEO of ITS Australia Susan Harris, and more.

Upcoming Events

    • 18 Mar 2021
    • 17:30 - 19:30 (UTC+11:00)
    • Hightail Bar, Collins Square, Docklands, Vic
    • 35

    Join us for our first 2021 event and our first Face to Face event post COVID restrictions. 

    This will be a purely social event without speakers as we re-ignite conversations about business and tech.   

    Wax lyrical on what has been happening in the tech world for the past 12 months. 

    What is COVID normal?  

    How has online-everything changed the way we do business now?

    Who were the winners and will they keep their advantage as we move back to old habits.?

    Join us as we seek to plan the way forward for the Churchill Club

    First drinks are on us or till 6:15 pm and there is no cover charge.  

    FREE Event.  Limited spaces.   

    Registration required prior to event. 

See our past events

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4 Mar 2020 Purposeful and Personal Technology in Fashion
13 Feb 2020 Transitioning to Net Zero Emissions
13 Nov 2019 Attention as a Service
20 Jun 2019 Proteins of the Future
7 Mar 2019 The Journey to Digital Transformation in Fashion
14 Feb 2019 Solving the Last Mile in Transport
14 Nov 2018 Navigating the Ethics of Emerging Technologies
11 Oct 2018 Connected Vehicles and Smart Roads
11 Oct 2018 Connected Vehicles and Smart Roads
24 Aug 2018 Implementing an AI Solution - What you need to know
19 Jul 2018 Applying AdTech To Achieve Customer Centricity
14 Jun 2018 The Digital World: Robots in the Office
10 May 2018 The Best of Both Worlds: How Mixed Reality Applications can help Industry
19 Apr 2018 Utilising Voice Technologies: Why Type When You Can Talk?
15 Mar 2018 Beyond Bitcoin: Blockchain For Business
15 Feb 2018 Energy Programs and technologies for Victorian Businesses
13 Dec 2017 Failure Is the Way Forward
15 Nov 2017 The Business Case for loT
20 Jul 2017 Should I get my Genome Sequenced?
22 Jun 2017 The Great Australian Battery Race
24 May 2017 The Discipline of Creativity
5 Apr 2017 The Role of AgTech in Food Security
16 Mar 2017 Scaling vs Growing
16 Feb 2017 Intelligent Transport Systems - The opportunity for Victoria
8 Dec 2016 Customer Experience Workshop with Lego® Serious Play®
13 Oct 2016 Doing Purpose Driven Business
8 Sep 2016 FinTech for Business
4 Aug 2016 Raising Capital Without Giving Up Equity
14 Jul 2016 The Devil's in the Data
12 May 2016 Great Questions
14 Apr 2016 How to get PR for your Tech Business
17 Mar 2016 The Role of HR in Innovation
3 Mar 2016 The Art of Negotiation

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