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Top Ten Takeouts: The Latest in Cybersecurity

20 May 2019 14:23 | Deleted user

We’ve all received a Facebook message request about an unclaimed lottery, or felt quietly smug after confidently deleting a dodgy text from the “bank”. But the reality of cybercrime in 2019 is that it’s never been more insidious, prevalent, or successful than it is right now and it’s only set to get worse.  

As it does, our April panel discussed how the cyber security market is evolving alongside cybercrime, and found we really are in a race to secure our data, and the way we operate as individuals, and businesses, in almost every facet of our hyper-connected lives.


  • The state of the current cyber security market

  • The most common threats

  • Attitudes of businesses to cyber security and the current safeguards and solutions

  • Role of government and regulators

  • Where the market is heading



  1. Phishing attacks have risen by 76%, surpassing malware.

  2. You should have two-factor authentication on everything.

  3. You should also have a password manager for everything but your email and banking.

  4. Use the biometrics available on your devices. There are new measures on the way like voice recognition alongside of blood flow, which can be detected by cameras.

  5. Patch your software, otherwise you increase the risk of attack each day you don’t.

  6. Security should be incorporated during development, rather than reverse engineered into the final product.

  7. SME’s need to make cybersecurity a priority. Don’t stick your head in the sand, take action before it’s too late.

  8. Seek out resources to help you secure your networks. We recommend beginning with the eSafety Commissioner.

  9. The perception is that Australia either doesn’t understand cyber security, or it doesn’t take it seriously thanks to the poorly written Telecommunications Assistance and Access Act introduced in December of 2018.

  10. Quantum computing may soon become a reality, and when it does everything we know about cybersecurity will be turned on its head.

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